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A new shop has opened in the town, a Bridal shop north of town, opposite the Heros Pub.

Warrens Bakery have opened in The Boulevard where the Oxfam shop was.

Gardening Help Needed

My Email :
My Phone No. :02392591715

My elderly father has recently had some health issues and knows he cannot manage his garden on his own. He’s not willing to move out just yet but was wondering if there is a way of getting a gardening buddy or if anyone would like to share his garden, particularly the veg plot and green house? Terms would be agreed between my father and anyone who volunteers.

Family can help a bit but we’re all working, have young family, or in my case am getting on years and physically not able.

If anyone can help or knows of someone who might be interested I would be grateful for information.

Whether or not anyone can help thank you cor reading my message.

Julie Sadler

Part Time Job Wanted

My Email :
My Phone No. :07396113390

Hello, my name’s Daniel, I’m 16 and I’m looking for a part time job.
I’m available weekdays and I’d be very happy if you got back to me.